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Parents hold a delicious and loving space for their child

so they can unfold their truest nature.



Meditation- and Sensitive Coach

I have been meditating since the age of 11 and working as a meditative and intuitive coach since my early twenties. 

When my first daughter was born, I had to find new ways to adjust, create and integrate my practice into an aligned and awakened motherhood.


Cosmic Parenting creates a space for you to wake up, know your mission and remember the home you never left. 


As a source of eternal, infinite love and abundance flows effortlessly from you, through you and to you. 


Let’s dive in together and remember how you can be the most loving and delicious space-holder for your child. So they can bring forth what it intended to bring forth in the first place. 

My Co-Creation Team!

Inspiration+hands-on lessons

from my @little two gurus living under our roof. I love u beyond space, time and imagination!

App Design + App Development

Robert Baumgartner with Alyssa Juday+Enzo Without you none of this would be my reality! Thank you so much!

Branding + Conscious Business 

@ Catarina Monteiro

You made this process so magical, smooth and relevant. Can't thank you enough!!Love u!

Visuals Thank you SO much beautiful friend!

Audio & Editing 

Special thanks

@ Carla Pizano for the continueous inputs and feedback, that make THE difference!

And to my amazing love and partner @Marco Zbinden, for your support, patience and faith in what I am and do.

Love u!

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