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You hold the most loving space for your child. 

Thereby you allow them to bring forth what they intended to.

You are the source of eternal love.

That's why it flows so effortlessly to you, from you and through you.

 Everytime you feel a contraction within your body, mind or heart space, relax. 

Relax, release, let go and repeat.

 Sink beneath the mind. Drop into the heart. 

Rest in as awareness.  

 You always have a choice. 

Everything else is an excuse.

  You can’t fail the path as you are the path.  

 You can’t miss the light as you are the light. 

You can't find the answer as you are the answer.

You can’t find love as you are love yourself. 

You can never meet god as you are a god.

What you think about you create. 

  What you create inspires others. 

     What you say will effect their lives. 

    What you love will rule everything.

Loving beyond imagination opens you up to new possibilities

and an availability to recognise the all pervasive presence within everything. 




I am you. You are me. 


When I look at you I see myself.

 Thank you to remind me of the truth, my sweet little mirror being. 


 I see you for what you are. 

And what you are is beyond this space and time, beyond any experience. 

Meet me there, beloved child.


Whatever happens, I love you anyway.

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